From aluminum to steel to copper: Our range of services includes the trading and logistics management of nonferrous and ferrous metals as well as comprehensive services. When it comes to industrial and end-of-life products or the recycling of defined types of raw materials with guaranteed quality, we are up to the challenge. We develop new ideas, work out customer-specific concepts and think consistently.

Recycled steel.

Following the release and implementation of the national standard rules for recycled brass raw materials, recycled copper raw materials and recycled cast aluminium alloy raw materials, the recommended national standard for recycled steel raw materials (GB/T39733-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard) was also recently released and formally implemented from 1 January 2021. At the same time, the Announcement on Matters Relating to the Regulation of Import Management of Recycled Steel Raw Materials (hereinafter referred to as the Announcement) jointly issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, National Development and Reform Commission, General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will also come into effect on 1 January 2021.

Recycled iron and steel raw materials that meet the new national standard are not solid waste and can be imported freely.

The implementation of the new national standard and the provisions of the announcement will play a positive role in enhancing the quality and quality of high-quality recycled steel raw materials, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and green development of the steel industry, effectively utilising foreign ferrous resources and ensuring smooth import channels for recycled steel raw materials, which is of strategic importance to the high-quality development of the industry. As an overseas Chinese-owned trading service provider, we follow the call of our country and abide by its laws and regulations is the only path we should follow.

We maintain close communication and cooperation with leading steel recycling and recovery companies in various countries in Europe, and are committed to promoting recycled steel trade on both sides of the border.

Non-ferrous metals & precious metals.

In 2020, China’s imports of non-ferrous metals and other bulk commodities continued to increase significantly, with a mix of volume and price increases and volume and price decreases. The large amount of imported non-ferrous metals brings more options for enterprises to purchase raw materials and helps them to reduce production costs.

Since last year 2021, China’s domestic epidemic has been better controlled, the economy has steadily recovered and the recovery in production has had a clear pull on import demand. China itself has a high dependence on imports of metals and other bulk commodities, while its proactive approach to expanding imports and the implementation of measures to facilitate customs clearance and reduce import tariffs has been effective and has played a better role in meeting import demand.

In cooperation with European steel enterprises, we also put our eyes on trade opportunities in non-ferrous metals such as pure aluminium, aluminium alloys and brass, following closely the national policy and general direction.